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e - Dental Home

(12+ consultation annually, An Annual Subscription for your oral and dental health )

Register at our annual Dental home which focuses on preventing any dental diseases and get updates about dental developments of your child and you, get reminders to change brushes and oral supplies, have a follow up video call every month, get a diet analysis and modification according to dental and oral health and much more!

Get in touch to know more about this highly recommended and one of it's kind program!

NeoNatal e-Dental Care

(6 consultations through 6months, aiming to move to a cavity free future of your child)

Survey tells some families in our country start to care about oral hygiene after the child starts having teeth and much after that, surprisingly no one knows much  about the oral hygiene care of a new born and how to clean mouth post breastfeeding/ bottle-feeding, how to massage gums, how to reduce /eliminate teething troubles, when will teeth erupt and what all needs to be done to prevent cavities,

We will make sure your child is Cavity Free!

This is especially for emergencies and whenever you make an emergency appointment you'll be provided with an emergency contact number that works 24*7. There are certain times when a tooth falls of due to injury, or there is swelling or there's pain in the middle of the night, in such instances this will come really handy!

We at e-Dentofacia understand the importance of your time and health especially in the unprecedented times like this. Have an online consultation to proper timely dental advise if you can't visit your dentist immediately. We will try and curate techniques so that you can delay dental visits as far as possible and tell you all the important do's and don't's to follow via a video call. 

We will also guide you better oral hyiene practises

Did you know that a dental profile is done during pregnancy or when couples are planning for a baby!

We will hand hold you and guide through what all needs to be taken care of before, during and after pregnancy in regard to oral hygiene and dental issues so that you've a smooth pregnancy and don't have to run for emergency and eat medicines while pregnancy.

If you have any doubt around any dental procedure or whether or not you should go ahead with some treatment, you can root on us because we operate exclusively online, we will provide genuine unbiased expert opinions based on symptoms and radiograph. It's been tried and tested by many of friends and family and they all have thanked us!

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Dr. Sonal Naidu


Dr Sonal Naidu is a Paediatric Dentist and has been practising it since 7 years. Her special interest lies in Preventive Dentistry, she believes we can prevent dental issues by starting oral hygiene practises on time and by maintaining them! She is a minimalist when it comes to consuming drugs for dental diseases. As a mother she's an expert of how to manage dental hygiene for the family, she breaks into simple routines and practises that are easy to follow and that can be maintained effortlessly in a fun way, be it neonatal oral care, or pregnancy care or in general family oral hygiene care!

She also has experience of 10 years in general Dentistry and is an expert in diagnosis and treatment planning and her patients have always thanked her for approach towards her treatment plans. She's a thorough professional yet very approachable person. 

She enjoys music, movies, art and history. She also loves to learn different languages and communication is her forte'.


Bhawesh Vithalani

My daughter is 6 years old and I'm in touch with Dr. Sonal for almost 3 years for dental issues and because of distance could not visit her in person more than once for treatment but she has been always very supportive on e-consultations and every thing she suggested has been spot on!

We were about to visit a dentist during lockdown due to my daughter's tooth issue but she advised otherwise and explained the dos and don'ts and the issue got solved. 

I trust her expertise for my daughter as well my family, not only she's an excellent dentist but she has a very minimalist approach to treatment and medicines. 

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